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  1. Investment in mutual fund is not deposit, and subject to risks. Investors may earn investment return or loss principal, including may not receive redemption amount within the specified period or be unable to redeem the units as instructed.
  2. The fund performance shown on this website is in accordance to the performance standard of Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC). Past performance is not a guarantee of future fund performance.
  3. Investments contain risks, investors should study fund prospectus and tax conditions (for retirement mutual fund and long-term equity fund) before making investment decision and should retain such investment material for references. Should you require additional fund information, please contact Management Company office or Distribution Agents appointed by ONE Asset Management.
  4. The Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the establishment of the fund in this website but do not certify the accuracy of fund prospectus and not guarantee any price of unit offering.
  5. The mutual funds are legal entities separated from the asset management company. Therefore, any losses the funds may occur are not the liabilities of ONE Asset Management. The performance of funds is not depend on the financial status or operating performance of the ONE Asset Management.
  6. Investors may study the additional information such as connected person, investment ratio in according with investment policy from the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) via
  7. The information shown in this website is provided by ONE Asset Management in good faith, based on the reliable of information source for the benefit of the investors. However, ONE Asset Management, the management members and all staffs cannot endorse or guarantee its accuracy. Therefore, investors should consider other additional information from other source to support the decision.
  8. ONE Asset Management may invest in securities or asset for its own benefits, similar to the transaction in which it invests in the fund under management, in accordance with the SEC regulations. Should investors need any enquiry regarding investment information of the ONE Asset Management, please request this information from the Company Office, distribution agent and the SEC.
  9. ONE Asset Management’s staffs are allowed to invest in capital market for their own personal account but its must be in line of business ethics and complying with the regulations of the SEC or the related organizations.
  10. ONE Asset Management, management members and its staffs reserve the right not to take the responsibilities on any damage occurring from provided information or communication system of investors or visitors as their access this website or any web-linked in this website.
  11. ONE Asset Management reserves all rights to amend, modify or change any information on this website without any notice. The Management Company reserves all rights to any information and documents provided on this, unless authorized by the ONE Asset Management, publicizing, referencing, duplicating or modifying all or part of the information is prohibited. Any results in damage to the Management Company’s property, reputation, or another person or company are an illegal act. The person commit those act may subject to criminal penalties.
  12. Such website linked both local or oversea on this is provided for investors’ benefit and convenience only. Therefore, such information, knowledge, concepts, services, or products offered on those website, especially some oversea website may unable to provide services in Thailand, investors or visitors should be cautious and study and examine the information carefully before making decision to use the services. The Management Company is not involve in any information or services and cannot guarantee the accuracy of information or service of those.


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